Sexual Health Screening

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Why Arrange STI Screening?

You may want to arrange STI screening if:

  • You are sexually active, especially if you have had unprotected sex
  • You are changing your sexual partner
  • You have noticed symptoms that you are concerned could be caused by an STI
  • You are planning on getting pregnant and you want to be sure you are healthy
  • You are having a procedure such as a contraceptive coil insertion and you want to be sure there is no risk from an infection

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What to Expect

At an STI screening appointment, your doctor will usually begin by asking some questions about your health and sexual history.

Depending on your circumstances, your doctor will recommend which STI tests are appropriate. Such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes, syphilis and HIV. The tests you need will depend on which infections you are at risk of and whether you’ve had any symptoms.

You might need to have:

  • A blood test
  • A urine test
  • A swab taken from your urethra or vagina
  • A gynaecological exam

What Happens Next

The results of your STI tests will be given to you as soon as possible. Once you have them:

  • If no infections were found, no further action is needed. However, you should continue to practice safe sex using a condom.
  • If a problem was identified, the doctor provides the treatment you need, usually a course of antibiotics.
  • You should avoid having sex until the treatment is complete.
  • In some cases, an STI can cause more serious problems. Your doctor may recommend additional tests or treatment if there have been any complications.
  • You should inform your current or past sexual partners of the diagnosis so that they can also get tested and treated.

Appointment Duration

Approximately 30 minutes

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Taking care of you and your family for generations

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