Pre-Conception Assessment

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During the appointment
  • We will advise you on any lifestyle changes you should make before becoming pregnant.
  • We will discuss how to increase your chances of conceiving by working out when you should be ovulating.
  • We will consider any physical or mental health issues that need to be addressed before you get pregnant and provide advice to help you prepare yourself for pregnancy.
  • We will perform a transvaginal ultrasound scan to look for any gynaecological issues which could affect your ability to conceive.

A pre-conception assessment can be particularly important if you’ve experienced any health problems, for example:

  • If you’ve had trouble conceiving or experienced a difficult pregnancy in the past, it can be very reassuring to get medical advice before you try again.
  • If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes, epilepsy, anxiety, depression or high blood pressure that could be affected by pregnancy.

What to Expect

During a pre-conception assessment you will talk about aspects of your health to help identify any issues that could affect your fertility or health during pregnancy. You may be asked about:

  • your medical history
  • any issues you’ve had with your menstrual cycle, fertility or general health
  • any previous pregnancies and whether you experienced complications
  • the contraception you’ve been using.

The second part of the consultation will be an examination and transvaginal ultrasound scan. The aim is to look for any issues which could affect your ability to conceive and identify any risk factors that need to be addressed before you get pregnant, such as infections or gynaecological issues.

Finally, we will discuss how to increase your chances of conceiving by helping you to understand your menstrual cycle and answering any questions you may have.

Before your Pre-Conception Appointment

If possible, bring any medical information about you or your partner with you, for example relevant clinic letters, blood results or names of medications.,

Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows easy access to the area that is being imaged. Two-piece clothing is ideal (separate upper/lower garments).

Please empty your bladder 2 hours before the examination time. Then slowly drink 600ml of water to fill your bladder and keep it full for your examination.

Pre-Conception Ultrasound Scan

Usually, gynaecological ultrasound scans are performed transvaginal (internally). Transvaginal ultrasound involves inserting a thin transducer (ultrasound probe slightly thicker than a tampon) into the vagina to get more detailed images as the transducer is closer to the pelvic organs. This improves the accuracy of diagnosis.

If preferred the scan can alternatively be performed transabdominally (across the abdomen), but often the images are not as high quality.

The transducer is lubricated with gel before insertion into the vagina. It is disinfected, and a protective cover is placed over the transducer each time it is used, so there is no risk of infection.

Duration of Appointment

Approximately 30-60 minutes.

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Taking care of you and your family for generations

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