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Fertility Checks and Assistance

At Indigo, we can carry out a fertility checks on both men and women. Many women like to know now what their ovarian function (‘egg supply’) is, and even if they are not able to start trying for a family at that moment, what other options do they have for the future, based on the fertility check provided.

More than 60% of those with subfertility suffer feelings of anxiety and depression and frequently become isolated from family and friends because of their feelings.

In 30% cases it is the woman alone who has medical issues causing fertility issues, but it can equally be because of the man, and then in another 30% of cases problems are found on both sides.

Women are born with their total egg compliment whereas men can continue to produce sperm throughout their lives. As women age, so do their eggs and this can lead to there being more difficulties having a family later in life.

Blood tests in the woman can provide clues to the egg reserve (AMH, FSH, LH) and scans can check for any structural problems such as fibroids, polyps, and any ovarian issues that may be a problem. Appointments for these checks are in some cases dependent on the day of the menstrual cycle, so we will advise accordingly.

For men we can provide semen analysis

We can also discuss any underlying medical issues that could be relevant for pregnancy; preconception care is important for a healthy pregnancy. It is important to iron out any health issues before pregnancy to reduce the risk to the baby and to improve the chance of having a healthy pregnancy.

When becoming pregnant is difficult for a couple, we can offer advice and often treatment depending on the cause of subfertility.

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Taking care of you and your family for generations

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