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Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan

Early Pregnancy Scans are typically performed in the first trimester, between 8 and 12 weeks following conception.

We advise the optimum time for an early pregnancy scan is 8 weeks following the first day of your missed period.

Early pregnancy scans can assess:

- Number of embryos

- Position of embryo

- Pregnancy viability/Heartbeat

- Determine due dates

Before your Early Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan

If possible, please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows easy access to the area that is being imaged. Two-piece clothing is ideal (separate upper/lower garments).

Please empty your bladder 2 hours before the examination time. Then slowly drink 600ml of water to fill your bladder and keep it full for your examination.


Usually, Early Pregnancy Scans are performed transvaginal (internally). Transvaginal ultrasound involves inserting a thin transducer (ultrasound probe slightly thicker than a tampon) into the vagina to get more detailed images as the transducer is closer to the pelvic organs. This improves the accuracy of diagnosis.

Transvaginal ultrasound examinations are safe at all stages of pregnancy.

The transducer is lubricated with gel before insertion into the vagina. It is disinfected, and a protective cover is placed over the transducer each time it is used, so there is no risk of infection. This improves the accuracy of dating the pregnancy.

Once the necessary images have been taken, your doctor will discuss the results with you.

Following your Early Pregnancy Scan we are happy to talk and consider whether prenatal testing (Harmony test) for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome is desired.

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Duration of Appointment

Approximately 30 minutes.

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